Virtual Cdu 737

Virtual Cdu 737

Virtual Cdu 737

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Virtual CDU 737 Review! For iPad or Android & iFly or PMDG 737!

How to Install & Configure Virtual CDU for the Boeing 737! [Tutorial]

[FSX/P3D/FS2004] Virtual FMC 737-800 PMDG/iFLY

Virtual Computer Display Unit for Flight Simulation

This is an app for Flight Simulator addicts. You don't need anymore to open a window on your FS to check or input information on FMC using your mouse. You can just do it using your tablet or smartphone connected at your home wi-fi network.

It will act as a CDU and will allow you to interact with the FMC on your Flight Simulator. It interfaces with your FS using an application installed on PC, called VAInterface, through wi-fi network. All data related to FMC is displayed on Virtual CDU and touch keyboard inputs are directly sent to FS.

1. Please test it using the Demo version available on Google Play to make sure that all components works perfectly for you.

2. Currently supported simulators: FS9, FSX (SP2 and Steam) and Prepar3D (V1, V2 and V3).

3. Current Supported Add-ons
- PMDG 737 NGX for FSX and P3D (SP1C and SP1D original purchased from PMDG).
- IIFLY 737 (Works only with version 3.1 original purchased from IFLY)

4. Is necessary to download the software VAInterface from This software will run on your PC and interface with FSX pr P3D.

5. For detailed installation procedure and FAQ, please refer to:

6. For better experience we support only wi-fi network.

Version 1.10:
Implemented audio feedback for key presses.
This feature can be turned on/off in Settings - Enable key sound